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Cultivated meat and the food tech sector generates more and more news and information. Here we will bring you the latest on the development of cultivated meat, as well as trends in conscious eating and nutrition. We will also talk about sustainability and innovative ideas to build a better future for everyone.

Alternative proteins are an option that can be chosen for a variety of reasons: either because someone is vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, or because you want to expand the range of food products in your diet and enjoy a greater variety when it comes to eating.
Garbage must go somewhere, so imagine a planet full of huge dumps. We generate a big amount of waste, close to 16,000 million kilograms a day! If the generation of waste is bigger than our ability to manage it, we will need large tracts of land to store all that garbage. It is something unthinkable.
Obtaining proteins using alternative techniques to those we know is a matter of global interest, since it depends on being able to guarantee world nutrition for the next decades under criteria of sustainability and environmental protection. The ecosystem of innovative projects around the world is growing: from plant-based or seaweed-based products to cultured, non-slaughtered animal meat.
Environmental sustainability is one of the booming trends of recent years. The recent advances towards sustainable consumption, responsible with the environment, have been very well received in a society that is concerned about the impact that the products we buy have on the environment.
The novelties in the field of science and technology that are currently reaching the market share a very important ethical component: the awareness of environmental sustainability by their creators as a basis for innovation. This is an essential change in our way of facing technological progress, given the climate emergency we are experiencing.